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Instructions for Converting a DVD into WMV files to upload to the Web

Here's what to do if you have a DVD you want to upload to the web, and it's in the wrong format and is longer than two-minutes. You may find  file names on your DVD such as VIDEO_TS\VIDEO_TS.IFO and VIDEO_TS\VIDEO_TS.VOB  and VIDEO_TS\VTS_01_0.BUP.

Converting your video so you can upload it to the web, and dividing it into two-minute segements such as required for VideoEgg, is pretty easy if you have some version of Roxio Easy Media Creator.  (Check  for bargains.)

 Step One:

 Once you’ve installed the suite, open the DiscCopier component.  To find DiscCopier, click"start" and then click the Roxio name from your Programs list;  then click "Copy" and then click "DiscCopier." Then click the "Video Compilation tab." From there, click "Add movies," and then use the pull down menu under “Destination” to change "DVD" to "WMV9" as the file format you want to output to. Then  save the new movie to a file on your computer. .

Step Two:
Now that you've got your movie saved in WMV format in a folder on your hard drive, you want to split it into two minute segments if you’re uploading with VideoEgg, because, for now, VideoEgg won't let you upload segments of longer length. The good news is that you can upload as many two-minute segments as you want. For an example, go to:

To split your video, use the "VideoWave" program in Roxio Easy Media Creator. You get to Video Wave by clicking start, Programs, Roxio Easy Media Creator, "DVD and Video," and VideoWave. After opening Video Wave, click to create a new production. Then click to "add photos/video." Now browse to the video that you converted in step one. Then use the split button to split the video into two-minute segments.  (There are at least two ways to accomplish this. You can look in the "help" section under “trim,” for a different method.)

Next choose the "Timeline" mode by clicking the Timeline tab. (It's next to Storyline.) Then position the blue line where you want to split. (If you don't see a blue line, click play to play the video for awhile and then hit stop and you'll see it.) Then look above the time line area to a toolbar that's right under the words "Production Editor."

 Two icons over from a red x, you'll see two blue triangles next to a musical note. If you click on the blue triangles, it will say "split selected item." (You'll know you were successful if you see a square representing the scene that you were ending on, next to a thin orange line. If you make a mistake, click "CTRL Z" to undo. If you get an error message, be sure you are clicking on the blue line before clicking the split button.)

Now after splitting, you can delete the portion you don't want in this first two-minute segment by positioning your cursor in the blue area on the part you're lopping off; then click the delete button.  Don’t worry that you’ll lose your original. You’ll be outputting this section as a copy without changing the original.


Now you click an icon that says "output as" when you hover over it.  (It's round and is second from the right above the word “Contrast” and up near the top under "Preview.") Here's where you choose the format you want for the web. You can choose a WMV format that's suitable even for people with slow, dial-up modems.

Repeat these steps with the rest of your video to break it into additional two-minute segments. If in doubt, contact roxio tech support at .

When you have your WMV files ready to upload, just visit and drag each file into your online blog. If you don't have an online blog at typepad, go to and create one first. There's a free trial account, but you  have to give a credit card number. After the first 30 days, it's $5 a month.