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2005 Column Highlights
December 2005, Week 4 --
1. Actiontec speaker phone for making free Internet telephone calls with Skype.
2. Linksys cordless phone for Skype users. Walk around while you make your free call.
3. Vonage wi fi phone: Go to a hotspot with this phone and make nearly-free calls.
4. Blank discs that don't get scratched.
5. puts a phonebook tab in your web browser for fast phone number look-ups.
6. Instasong lets you create a personalized song you can email.
7. Books: "My Job Went to India ...52 Ways to Save Your Job."
December 2005, Week 3 -- 
1. A useful tip from "Windows XP for Starters."
2. Movie-making was never easier than with Muvee Autoproducer 5.
3. Lexmark's new printer saves to CD, edits photos, and prints.
December 2005, Week 2 --
1. WebEasy 6 makes quick work of creating websites.
AlphaFive database, an Access rival, creates online catalogs, etc.
Greeting cards stuffed and mailed for you by
Make a coffee table book filled with your photos at .
December 2005, Week 1 --
1. Iolo's Search and Recover recovers the  files or email you  accidentally deleted.
Norton Internet Security, a great deal for $20.
Half a terrabyte hard drive from Seagate.
Games: Merriweather Farm and Fatty Bear's Birthday Surprise.
November 2005, Week 4 --
1. Using Roxio Easy Media Creator 8 to edit video, make slideshows, edit photos, etc.
Belkin Travel Router lets many users share one Internet connection.
Zboards: specialized keyboards for games and graphics.
November 2005, Week 3 --
Netgear's Storage Central provides backup for your entire computer network.
Internuts: for low hotel rates worldwide.
VideoEgg makes it easy for people to watch your video on the web.
November 2005, Week 2 --
1.   "eLerts" with the news you choose are sent to your computer screen.
PhotoImpact 11's new features include blending three scenes together.
Internuts:,,, and
New program for the Mac prevents unwanted downloads or changes to the computer.
November 2005, Week 1 --  
1. Fire the developer, use for your website.
2. Acronis TrueImage 9 offers backup and disaster recovery of your PC.
3. Zip and email your folder of photos in a snap with SnapZip.
4. Book: "Illustrator CS2 Killer Tips."
October 2005, Week 5 --
U3 offers portable applications on a flash drive that you don't have to install on a PC to use.
Microsoft Streets and Trips 2006 with GPS locator now directs you by voice commands.
Corel Painter Essentials lets you turn a digital photo into a painting.
Internuts: Red hot jazz and 50,000 free music channels from Mercora.
October 2005, Week 4 --
1. Turning paper into digital documents.
New business website offers many services, some for free.
Game: "Fable, the Lost Chapters."
Book: "Visual Basic 2005 Jumpstart."
October 2005, Week 3 --
1. USB phone gives you free Skype calls without echos or noise.
2. Microsoft Student has great tips for writers, plus math and science project aids.
Call 800-free411 to avoid charges for directory assistance.
4.  Internuts:
October 2005, Week 3 --
1. USB phone gives you free Skype calls without echos or noise.
2. Microsoft Student helps you with your homework.
Call 800-free411 to avoid charges for directory assistance.
4.  Internuts:
October 2005, Week 1 --
1. DVD Solution: watch movies on a PC, back up files, create slideshows, edit movies.
Defragging your PC frequently will make web surfing three times faster.
Uninstall tool for bits of program left behind.
4. Internuts: a: find a rental or a house to buy. b: figure out how far you walked or ran.
5. Game: Train mystery with Nancy Drew an an occasional Hardy boy.
6. Book: "Favorite Excel Tips and Tricks."
October 2005, Week 1 --  
1. The Ghost in the machine can travel backwards in time.
CaptureWhiz Pro captures your mouse movements in a video you can share.
 Prices drop for laser printers.
4.  Internut:
5. Free PDF conversion online.
September 2005, Week 5 --
1. Download a ring tone created by a mathematical formula.
FileMaker Pro 8: Great database program, but needs an easy undo.
Internuts: Great fun at and good deals at
4. Numbers report: computer trash and consumer ignorance about VoIP.
5: Books: Web Mapping Illustrated.
September 2005, Week 4 --
1. World Series of Poker - we're all in.
Google freebies: Desktop, Sidebar Picasa,
All in Wonder 2006- great graphics card with TiVo features, lets you burn movies for PSP.
September 2005, Week 3 --
1. Why switch to Linux.
The well-written "Peter Van der Linden's Guide to Linux" lets you take a test drive.
Book: "Linux Made Easy"
includes Linux CD and really does make it easy.
4. Book: "Linux Enterprise Cluster:" create your own super computer.
5. Crazy Talk:  Make a talking head to go on the web or in an email.

September 2005, Week 2 --
1. De-gunk your computer with these utilities.
2. Let someone else do PC maintenance for you.
3. Internuts: a. Free invitation to Google mail. b.
4. Book: "Absolute Beginner's Guide to Home Automation."
September 2005, Week 1 --
1. Create a private network  with a couple of clicks for sharing photos, blogs and more.
We loved how easy the Kodak EasyShare camera is. It even takes movies.
 We still prefer Epson's PictureMate to the Kodak EasyShare Printer Dock Series 3.
4. Internuts: a.  b. "" recovers data from damaged PCs and Macs.
August 2005, Week 5 --
1. Toshiba's Qosmio F25 laptop has a great stereo system and fantastic video.
Sony Vaio is ultra portable and has a six-hour battery life.
Ringtone Media Studio -- add new ringtones and video to your cell phone.
4. Books: Web Mapping Illustrated.
August 2005, Week 4 --
1. Capture your PC screen as a video with "picture in picture" for training purposes.
Actiontec's new wireless security camera.
An indispensable book: "PC Annoyances," by PC World columnist Steve Bass.
August 2005, Week 3 --
SanDisk's new flash drive has a fingerprint scanner and password manager.
One gigabyte memory card for cameras.
StealthSurfer flash drive lets you browse the web anonymously from the drive itself.
4. The free Spybot Search and Destroy -- find it at
5. Games: "Nancy Drew: The Secret of the Old Clock."
August 2005, Week 2 -- 
1. Free program alerts users about emails that should never leave the company.
2. Making "muvees" is as easy and point and click.
3. Internuts: What the neighbors gave to politics, a fun puzzle site, and a Van Gogh gallery.
4. Book: "Talk is Cheap," how to make free or nearly free Internet calls.
August 2005, Week 1 --
1. With Dragon Naturally Speaking 8, you can dictate to your computer.
2. Kodak EasyShare Picture Viewer -- a slideshow in your pocket.
3. Free anti-spyware software at .
4. Books: "Free Software for Dummies."
July 2005, Week 4 --
1. Acronis True Image 8 backs up your whole computer.
Clone many kinds of hardware from one PC with the Universal Imaging Utility.
Britannica Ultimate Reference Suite 2005 packs 100,000 articles, and lots of videos.
4. Project 5 makes professional music.
July 2005, Week 3 --
1. Bubbler users create online journals that can include video.
Adobe's Creative Suite is better than ever.
July 2005, Week 2 --
1. Prestige 200w: It's like a cell phone, but it makes calls through the Internet.
2.  Internuts: Check out ratings for hospitals and doctors; find a doctor online.
3. Games: Guild Wars.
July 2005, Week 1 --
1. Move over Ipod, here's the Sansa.
PC Confidential erases your tracks.
Games: Area 51.
Books: "Windows Speed Solutions."
June 2005, Week 4 --
1. Desktop Calendar keeps appointments in your face.
Trumba is a fun online calendar you can share.
3. Create special effects and print on canvas.
Logitech's new Cordless Presenter.
Books: "PC Upgrading and Troubleshooting."
Roller Coaster Tycoon -- Soaked!
June 2005, Week 3 --
1. All in Wonder card turns your PC into a TiVO, a 3d game player, etc.
Virtual Drive means leaving disks behind.
Internuts: Quackwatch, boundless gallery, and kaboose.
4. CDW offers tech support for the products they sell.
5. Books: "Essential Sharepoint."
June 2005, Week 2 --
1. Acrobat 7 Pro creates editable PDFs. The recipient needs only the free Reader.
2. NitroPDF and pdfFactory: fewer features but less expensive.
3. Book: "Adobe Acrobat Quick Steps."
4. Zap that annoying TV in a bar with TV-B-Gone.
June 2005, Week 1 --
1. Contribute 3 simplifies website updating.
2. Surf the web anonymously to avoid giving out information.
3. CounterSpy  thwarts spyware.
May 2005, Week 4 --
1. Get rid of dangerous programs running in the background.
The new "Encarta" is more fun than a video game.
3. converts old tapes to video you can view on the web.
Test drive Linux, with this book and CD.
May 2005 , Week 3 --  
1. Evernote is an extremely handy way to keep notes on many topics.
2. Just in from Acronis: a spyware shield, drive cleanser, and shredder in one.
3. A gigabyte of memory in your PC really makes a difference.
4. Our favorite search engine now has tabs for government and jobs.
May 2005, Week 2 --
1. Save your photos to DVD with this fast new external drive from Pioneer.
Transform PDF files to Word documents.
A firewall that can fit in your shirt pocket - great when you're on the road.
Internuts: Audio books on CD that you can rent.
May 2005, Week 1 -- 
1. Toshiba's low-cost light-weight projector even works in bright light.
NetPresenter lets your customers interact with your web presentation.
Books: "Max Pixel's Adventures in Photoshop Elements 3."
April 2005, Week 4 -- 
1. DriveShield returns your PC to its former state as soon as you reboot.
2. Ixquick is a very handy new search engine in many languages.
3. Internuts: MathForum is for problem solving and 40mpg is for the environment.
4. Numbers report: Sales of color laser printers are way up.
5. Games: In Diner Dash, your restaurant will improve as you do.
April 2005, Week 3 --
1. Now you can upload your pictures to a website and pick them up at the drugstore.
Easy Media Creator 7 works faster and has more editing tools than the earlier version.
Internuts: Commercial-free radio and get-away guides for the South Pacific.
Books: "Cyber Spying" and "101 Cool SmartPhone Techniques."
April 2005, Week 2 -- 
1. Aloha Bob is still the best way to transfer programs from one PC to another.
Internuts: a Lego cathedral and a Lego harpsichord.
A wrist PDA that tells time too.
4. Books: "Show Me QuickBooks" and "Windows XP, the Missing Manual."
April 2005, Week 1 --  
1. Make free phone calls from your regular telephone with Skype.
D-Link's VoIP router is much cheaper but the calls aren't quite free.
We consider Vonage, Broadvox, Lingo, and CallVantage.
Watch TV channels from around the world on your PC.
March 2005, Week 5 --
1. Control two or more computers from one keyboard and mouse.
New $400 color laser printers save a lot of money in the long run.
Internuts: Singing physicists.
4. Symantec report: What kind of websites have the worst spies?
March 2005, Week 4 -- 
1. Before you email a big file, zipand encrypt it.
If a file is too big to zip, just encrypt it and go to
Books: "XP Power Hound" has neat power tips.
"Excel, the Missing Manual" is a good read from start to finish.
March 2005, Week 3 --
1. What to try first when your PC isn't working right.
Plum Choice and others repair computers by remote control.
March 2005, Week 2 --  
1. Keeping files safe  is as easy as dragging them into a special folder.
Watchman stops unauthorized users from starting an application.
Cyberlink DVD Solution includes 10 nice programs.
4.  Stick your camera card in this and out comes a CD with photos.
5.  A third of Internet users at work are surfing for personal reasons.
6.  Phishing report: don't email your personal banking info.
7. Books: "Internet Annoyances" and how to get rid of them.
March 2005, Week 1 --  
1. It looks like a yo you but acts like a 5 GB hard drive.
2. gives you a free website for photos, blogs, etc.
Make Magazine is about making neat gadgets.
4. free comics tell you how to make things.
5. Internuts: a floating taskbar that's like a Mac's, a mercury-calculator that tells you if that fish is safe to eat, and urban legends debunked.
6. - free games to try for an hour each.
February 2005, Week 4 --  
1. Two programs recover lost files on Windows and Mac.
TextAloud and Speakonia read aloud files, online magazines, etc.
NoClone rids your system of file duplicates.
A funny how-to book for photo fakery with PhotoShop Elements.
February 2005, Week 3 -- 
1. Streets & Trips 2005 helps you find the best route.
The new ATI graphics card acts like a super TiVo.
Internuts: Share computer resources with researchers looking for cancer cures, email gigantic files  for free, watch video computer reviews on the Internet.
February 2005, Week 2 --
1. Control a PC from a distance for work, play, or to fix a problem.
The best way to get rid of spyware that can slow your computer.
February 2005, Week 1
1. AOL's new search engine finds videos, images, news and more.
Free antivirus program from
Great animations you can download for your website.
Internuts: all the world's best museums.
5. Book: "PC Hacks," offers useful tips.

January 2005, Week 4 --
1. With Call Wave, cell phone users can screen their calls.
2. is useful for emailing videos.
More people search online for hairdos than for President Bush.
Internuts: finding safe fish, clean air and a world community grid.
5. Books: "The PC Magazine Guide to Digital Photography."
6. Games: "Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath," and "CSI: Miami."
January 2005, Week 3 --
Soon, operating systems may not matter much.
Wireless systems can cause serious security problems.
Wi-Fi Defense to the rescue.
4. Our advice for makers of kid software: Please shut up!
January 2005, Week 2 --  
1. We loved this Epson printer and  it even prints on CDs.
The numbers report: Online sales are up.
Games: "Children of the Nile" -- live in an ancient city you built.4. 3D-glasses add excitement to PC games.
January 2005, Week 1 --
Dumping spyware.
Dumping Internet Explorer.
3. C
lear your Internet tracks with Private IE.
Internuts: Inflation calculator -- what was a dollar worth in 1950?.

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