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 2004 Column Highlights                                                                                    
December 2004, Week 4 --  
1. How about a search engine for  video and audio?
Ximeta portable drive can also be a network drive.
Maxtor's new 300 GB "One Touch" backup drive
Keyspan cable connects old and new computers and devices.
Game: Dora the Explorer Fairy Tale Adventure
6. Microban anti-bacterial keyboard and mouse.
December 2004, Week 3 --
1. A free service updates addresses for your email contacts.
2. Store data on the web, far away from your office.
3.A new picture frame changes pictures by telephone.
4. Post your old videotapes to the web so friends can view them.
5. Look out: laptop heat diminishes male fertility.
December 2004, Week 2 -- 
1. PhotoShop Elements 3 has some very nice new features.
A Samsung laser printer prints better color than we thought at first and is the best deal in the field.
Atari Flashback- a retro game console for classic games.
Book: "Game Console Hacking."
November 2004, Week 5 --
1. Google sends you an email when your favorite topic is in the news.
Use Nextag, Clusty, Yahoo and Froogle for comparison shopping.
Eprint: an impressive new pdf-creation tool.
Scan 35 mm slides with Plustek's film scanner.
Play games with Mozart's music at
6. Book: "Business Cards," the Art of Saying Hello."
December 2004, Week 1 --
Microsoft Works 2005 has Word, Money, Encarta and more.
2. WordPerfect Office 12 Home Edition -- all ok at the ok Corel.
November 2004, Week 4 --
MyMailList, MyLabels, and CheckSoft simplify business life.
2. Digital movie camera for kids is perfect for non-techy adults.
3. Online service rents  video games for a monthly charge.
November 2004, Week 3 --
1. Monitor home or business with this wireless Internet camera.
2. These monks want to sell you cheap ink.
3. Internuts: Unusual dictionaries, Vanity license plates explained, Klingon translated.
4. An all-new Nancy Drew mystery takes place at Blackmoor Manor.
November 2004, Week 2 --
1. Google offers to search your files.
Have a calendar always on top.
Lots of viruses.
New color laser from Samsung
5. Book: "The Rough Guide to Ipods."
November 2004, Week 1 --  
1. We get the "out of ink" warning that will not die.
"System Restore" takes us back to a quieter time.
Internuts: Hostels for young and old.
Books: "How to Do Everything with Your Camera Phone."
October 2004, Week 4 --
CardScan scans -- what else? -- business cards.
Search Outlook faster with Lookout.
Feed the fish in a virtual aquarium.
Internuts: download hundreds of utilities; learn about DVDs.
5. Books: "iMovie and iDVD" and "Make Your Own Movie"
October 2004, Week 3 --
Legal Business Pro: 140 business forms and contracts
2. a great new search engine that clusters the results.
3. The Firefox browser is hot stuff.
4. Access your computer remotely with Laplink.
5. Game: "Rome: Total War."
October 2004, Week 2 --
1. Post a database to the web; it's good for business and groups.
2. Internuts: Celebrity obituaries, make a boot disk, assess your disease risk, make last-minute travel plans.
3. Books: "Ebay Global, the Smart Way"
October 2004, Week 1 -- 
1. Climb the highest mountain; here's the road map.
A great training CD for Wordperfect Office 12.
A hard drive that requires a fingerprint.
Internuts: a hilarious site for misuses of English, an encylopedia anyone can contribute to, and some award-winning websites.
5. Games: Go Fish! -- In 500,000 acres all over the world.
September 2004, Week 4 --  
1. Check for the bad stuff running in the background of your PC.
2. Convert VCR tapes to DVD with DVD Express.
3. Internuts: great fabric sites.
4. Books: The Big Book of Typographics.
September 2004, Week 3 --
1. Shop by country.
Create interactive Excel spreadsheets on the web.
Internuts: Lots of tech tips.
Book: "eBay Strategies."
September 2004, Week 2 --
1. Print your logo or clip art right on a CD with this CD printer.
Encrypt email before you send it.
Internuts: all about fonts.
Books: The Spam Kings.
September 2004, Week 1 -- 
1. Norton Ghost does a great job of backing up your whole computer.
Claim you did your project yesterday with this date-changing utility.
Without Plustek, books can be hard to scan and easily distorted.
Numbers report: Now more than half the world uses broadband.
This site has 4 million apartments to choose from.
Book: Best websites of 2005.
September 2004, Week 1 -- 
1. Norton Ghost does a great job of backing up your whole computer.
Claim you did your project yesterday with this date-changing utility.
Without Plustek, books can be hard to scan and easily distorted.
Numbers report: Now more than half the world uses broadband.
This site gives you cash plus 4 million apartments to choose from.
Book: Best websites of 2005.
  August 2004, Week 5 -- 
1. Clear plastic covers let you play and protect CDs DVDs.
2. New Samsung monitor combines computer and video display.
Some nice new courses at the HP learning center.
4. Combined mouse and laser pointer is nice for presenters..
5. Great billiards simulation.
6. Internuts: And great shareware.
  August 2004, Week 4 --  
1. The Zboard custom keyboard has dedicated keys.
See and surf the web even if your sight is failing.
Make a photo book, create thumbnails or a web gallery.
  August 2004, Week 3 --  
1. The Keyspan Server makes all peripherals network ready.
2. The Cruzer Companion is a music player for thumb drives.
3. Digital music made easy, at
4. Internuts: make your photos poster-size; find rare books.
5. Book: "Beginning Game Programming."
6. Games: "Doom 3" and "In-Fisherman."
  August 2004, Week 2 --
1. Add a calendar, to-do list, spam filter and more to your email.
 Internuts: All kinds of maps, including the world's war zones.
Get news on any topic brought into your email.
Games: Solve a case with Nancy Drew, or drive a Deere tractor.
  August 2004, Week 1 --  
1. A handy way to jot down notes.
2. Get rid of all traces of spyware on your computer.
3. The latest news and blogs delivered to your email inbox.
4. Should you turn off your computer?
5. Internuts: sport fishing, old-time candy, other reviews.
July 2004, Week 4 --
Avoiding problems with Internet Explorer:
1. Try browsing with Mozilla
2. Then there's Opera.
3. Most secure of all: Secure IE.
July 2004, Week 3 --
Spam by the numbers.
Art Explosion Publisher Pro for brochures, newsletters, etc.
Hi-speed wireless routers from D-Link.
Internuts: Meetings for special interest groups. Sheet music.
5. Games: True Crime in L.A.
6. Books: The Musician's Guide to Pro Tools.
July 2004, Week 2 --
Wifi seeker finds the wireless hot spots in your neighborhood.
Verbatim makes DVDs that hold twice as much as ordinary DVDs.
PowerDVD Copy copies an 8.5 GB DVD onto a 4.7 GB DVD.
HP's "Media Center" adds an extra 160 GB to your PC.
5. Boot or turn on or off a PC from a remote location with iBoot.
6. A pocket-sized PDA for the blind.
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, the game.
July 2004, Week 1 --

1. Why we bought a third PC, this time from HP.
Bounce back from  a computer disaster with this software/hardware combo.
Your PDA can access the Internet wirelessly if you add this chip to it.

June 2004, Week 4 --
1. Samsung's new black-and-white laser printer is cheap and fast.
The world's smallest scanner scans poorly.
Make a pdf file as easily as you print a document, with pdfFactory.
Internuts: a. Murder rates in Chicago. b. Great home designs. c. The big cheese site.
June 2004, Week 3 --  
1. Learn how you can copy a program from your TV, DVD player, or VCR onto a disk.
Companies benefit from encrypting the programs they develop so they can't be copied.
Internuts: a: Free stuff on the web.b. Sci fi site has lots of author interviews.
Books: How to Do Everything with Ebay.
June 2004, Week 2 -- 
1. There's nothing like a good search engine to improve a website. We liked Zoom.
Internuts: a. Metacritic: find out what all the critics are saying about the movie you want to see or the game you want to play. b.  Tips for the young investor. c. Tips for aspiring children's book authors.
Books: "101 Killer Apps" -- for your Pocket PC and for your Palm handheld.
June 2004, Week 1 -- 
1. An easy way to get a professional-looking site: SpinSite.
Other ways to build a store online: CoffeeCup or Yahoo Site Builder.
Turn your computer into an Amiga PC and download hundreds of games from that era.
Internuts: a. Online books. b. Online physics books. c. Online plans for building things.
5. Books: The Big Book of Logos -- get ideas for one of your own.
May 2004, Week 5 -- 
1. WordPerfect Office 12 lets you work in MS Word, PowerPoint or Excel and more.
Okidata C5100n color laser printer is one of the best.
Internuts: a. find out what everyone else is saying about a place. b. A&E Travel site: Try a tour put together by the History channel, A&E and Biography.
May 2004, Week 4 --  
1. InfoSelect is not just for taking notes. Some people do everything from within it.
When your digital camera fills up, transfer your images to your Ipod, with this device.
3. Guitar tracks: a recording studio for the electric guitar.
May 2004, Week 3 --
1. Mach 5 Analyzer: a tool for figuring out how many people visit your website.
The new PictureMate: It looks like a boom box and works like a home photo lab.
Keep your email address through life with graduatemail.
4. Internuts: a. a blog that's fun and funny. b. Cool products. c. Fake is the new real. d. Interesting gadgets.
May 2004, Week 2 -- 
1. Sony HandyCam is the handiest camcorder we've seen.
2. Roxio Easy Media Creator 7 is great for editing video, saving files to CD, editing photos, and much more.
May 2004, Week 1 -- 
1. Filemaker Pro 7: A database that's easier to use than Access, and almost as flexible.
Synchronize your home and work files, including email, with SmartSync.
Book: "EBay Motors, the Smart Way" is all about buying or selling a car online.
Our favorite online game site:
April 2004, Week 4 -- 
1. Spysubtract removes spyware from your PC, as soon as it hits.
2. Adsubtract removes ads from the websites you surf.
3. is a giant phone book for the whole U.S.
4. Internuts: a: Banished words. b. Looking back to the 1950s, or any other decade you choose, how much did things cost in today's dollars?
April 2004, Week 3 -- 
1. Skype users make free international phone calls and conference calls from their handhelds.
Internuts: a: Browse 3,300 cliches, look up word origins, or do a count of your most frequently-used words. b. Movie cliches. c. More cliches.
April 2004,Week 2 --  
1. Now your photos can glow in the dark.
A thumb drive that plugs into any computer makes email portable.
Seniors are the fast-growing group of Internet users.
Still waiting for a good spam filter. So far, AOL is tops.
5. A new James Bond game: "Everything and Nothing."
6. Books: Keyboard shortcuts for Windows and Macs.
April 2004, Week 1 --  
1. The latest from CorelDraw, for making logos, ads, manuals and more.
2. Driver Magician backs up the drivers you need to make your printer, scanner, etc. work.
3. Synchronize files between laptop and desktop.
4. Books: The official guide to CorelDraw 12.
March 2004, Week 5 --
1. Send photos from your cell phone to the web and back.
Post your photos from your computer to the web, then order photo gifts.
Doc's downloads has lots of free computer tools.
4. A free photo organizer from Adobe.
5. Your PDF files become searchable with Advanced PDF Manager.
March 2004, Week 4  -- 
1. Email photos and large files fast by zipping them first.
Record a movie to DVD, burn a CD, or edit your video clips with Ulead Disc Creator.
Internuts: a. How to talk Redneck. b. Martha Stewart humor. c. Kids' health tips.
March 2004, Week 3 -- 
1. SystemSuite: an excellent bundle of utilities that protect your computer and more.
Convert music or video or picture files from one format to another.
Internuts: a. How stuff works: guns, earthquakes, scientific phenomenon b. These guys went to the intersection of nearly every longitude and latitude and snapped a picture. c. Correspondence chess and other games. d. Tons of business forms you can print out.
Numbers report: Canadians visit humorous websites more than Americans do.
March 2004, Week 2 -- 
1. Easy but useful commands you should know.
2. An uninstaller that doesn't leave bits and pieces of the program behind.
3. Internuts: a. A guide to colleges and more. b. Oscar winners. c. Unclaimed property.
4. Change the icons on your desktop so they make sense to you.
5.  Get "quick steps" on all the major topics: Outlook, Excel, Windows XP, etc.
March 2004, Week 1 -- 
1. A lipstick-size video camera from Philips.
2. A great deal on the All in Wonder 9200, with bundled software.
3. Here's how to fix your registry now, with Registry Healer.
February 2004, Week 4 -- 
1. Beware of hijackware.
2. SpamBayes is a really good spam filter for Outlook users.
3. "Anti-Hacker Tool Kit," a new book with security tools.
February 2004, Week 3 -- 
1. Surf the web anonymously and store your data on this thumb-sized drive.
2. Increase the range of your favorite wireless device.
3. Your PC can communicate with bluetooth products 100 yards away with this adapter.
4. Internuts: a. "Primitivism" has wild essays. b. Learn about history's most interesting women. c. Tools to protect your PC. d. Fusion power.
5. Send your helicopters and tanks deep into "Battlefield Vietnam."
February 2004, Week 2 -- 
1. Surveillance cameras from Dlink allow you to watch the action remotely.
2. Internuts: a. All about soup: recipes, jokes, poems and songs. b. Dictionaries and thesauruses of several kinds. c., d. Web cams around the globe.
3. "The Joy of Tech" comics.
February 2004, Week 1 --    
1) Cyberlink greatly improves the experience of watching DVDs from your home computer.
2) A great sound mixer and a video mixer from Sony.
3) The Lapinator is the cool thing to have for laptops.
4) Internuts: a. Get statistics on any city in America. b. Convert any currency. c. Explore world   beaches. d. Discover diet tips from Prevention magazine.
5) Find out the origins of Donkey Kong and other video games in "High Scores."
January 2004, Week 4 -- 
1) FrontPage is still our favorite web authoring tool, and now there's a new version.
2) Get a monitor that's as wide as two screens.
3) Want to put a caption right on your photo? It's easy with PhoTags.
4)  Internuts:  a. A site for safe meat; b. A lulu of a site for fans of "The Da Vinci Code."
5)  Three books: Upgrading and Repairing PCs, laptops and networks.
January 2004, Week 3 -- 
1) Maplesoft 9: The newest version of a math program used by Toyota for steering design.
2) Catalog your book or music collection with Readerware.
3) Internuts: Fascinating websites from the world of academia and sci fi.
4) Everything you need to become an American Idol.
5) "40 Digital Photography Retouching Techniques."
January 2004, Week 2 --  
1) Camtasia creates great instructional videos and tutorials on the computer screen.
2)  PowerDesk 5 makes life easier for Windows users.
3) Internuts: a. Publish your book at 1st books -some well-known authors do too.
b. has your number. c. Fans of Will Durant will like this one. d. Disaster Center lists the 100 worst disasters of the 20th century.
4) "How to Do Everything with Microsoft Digital Image Pro."
January 2004, Week 1 -- 
1) Surf the web anonymously with Anonymizer to avoid picking up spyware.
2) SpyHunter rids computers of spyware, adware, pop-ups, cookies and key-loggers.
3) Clone your computer to another drive with Acronis TrueImage.
4) "Virtual Humans" and how to make them -- a new book.
5) The Concord EyeQ Wireless digital camera works after all.

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